Our lounge area and Karaoke Rooms are ideal for work functions,hen nights, birthday parties   and any other special occassions. Please ask our friendly staff for details.

Enjoy a great Thai meal and have a drink with friends. After 10:30pm....... Singgggg to your hearts content!!!
Alternatively, you don't have to sing, just have a quiet dinner and still enjoy the atmosphere of Pad Thai.


Karaoke Room Prices with Terms & Conditions

1) Any damage to the equipment in Pad Thai & Shanghaiye will be paid for on the night: this can include microphones valued at £150 each and any marks made on the seating by high heels.
2) Pad Thai & Shanghaiye reserves the right to search bags on entry to the premises.
3) Pad Thai & Shanghaiye is not able to admit anyone under the age of 18 after 11:20pm
4) Your booking arrival time is the time from which you are booked. You are expected to leave your room ON TIME after your booking has ended.
5) We will stop all the Karaoke music and microphones 10 minute before your booking has ended.
6) All deposit are non-refundable.
7) It is forbidden to consume your own food or drink on the premises. If you are caught doing so, you will be ejected from the venue immediately and charged £200.
8) We only hold all the booking 15minute with note.
Many Thanks for your attention.

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