About Us

Thailand is famous for its friendliness, culture, natural beauty and of course its cuisine.
We take our name from the classic noodle dish 'Pad Thai' and incorporated the design of a traditional Thai home, a 'Chai Ka', literally meaning warmth, comfort and happiness.

The Pad Thai Restaurant and Karaoke Bar is a unique place. It offers an entire evening's entertainment where you can, 'EAT,DRINK & SING !!!' all in one place.

You can enjoy wonderful Thai cuisine in our restaurant and after 10:30pm the restaurant area becomes a Karaoke Lounge for everyone to perform their own rendition of the their favourite songs!!! Here is a place you can stay until 3am and have a truley fun and unforgettable time.

We also have five private Karaoke Rooms for those who wish to share their singing moments with their closest family or friends.